Company specialised in textile labelling

Uniter offers textile labelling solutions for clothing, footwear and accessories. We work on a global level with the top fashion brands, so we distribute our products to more than a thousand customers in over forty-five countries. Having more than 20 years of experience endorses our ability to implement global labelling projects for the leading companies in the retail sector.

Our creative team specialises in designing customised labels. We work with a wide range of colours, qualities, finishes and recycled materials. Our label manufacturing processes meet the highest quality standards, while always maintaining a very strong commitment to eco-efficiency and sustainability.


The main purpose of RFID technology is for intelligent identification of the product without the need for physical contact or presence. There are numerous applications of this technology and it is particularly recommended for the optimization of production processes and for monitoring the life cycle of the product, from the factory to the final consumer.

Uniter has the necessary technology and resources to become your RFID supplier. We manufacture and distribute RFID tags, inlays, readers and antennas. Being specialized in logistic solutions, we also develop project tailored software.

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