What is RFID?

The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology has been developed with the intention of allowing the univocal identification of products quickly and automatically without having to physically approach or have access to the item to be identified. A RFID solution is composed of three main elements: the RFID Tag, which contains data that identifies a sole object; a RFID Reader, which reads and writes the information on the tags; the System Software, which is used to record and interpret the data collected by the reader.

At Uniter we design, produce and distribute all the elements that are part of RFID technology solutions. We do not limit ourselves to the production of RFID tags, we also implement projects for systems integration, inventory control, traceability management and process automation projects, among others. 

Inlay Development
At Uniter, we design and manufacture our inlays so that they adapt 100% to a specific case of use. We always seek to achieve maximum performance in each specific situation. We have a wide range of RFID inlays that we can customise with all kinds of supports and materials to fulfill the client’s needs.

RFID Software Development
We develop custom software for our client’s projects. We specialise in logistics software, and combine different platforms according to the needs in order to achieve the best results: industrial screens, embedded software, web environments, mobile APPs and others.

RFID Equipment
We design our own RFID readers, plus distribution agreements with high-end brands for the provision of all the equipment that is necessary for our customer’s projects to be a success. We have antennas for different applications, customised RFID tunnels, as well as industrial RFID printers for label printing and coding, PDAs, RFID handhelds and other ruggedized devices.

Special Applications
There are certain cases where special RFID tags are required to perform correctly. Cases stand out where an RFID tag should be attached to a metallic element (automotive parts, furniture, etc) or objects containing liquids (bottles of wines, liquors, chemicals, etc). In these cases, specially designed RFID TAGs are needed in order to minimise the screening effect caused by these materials and to maximise the reading distance.

Where can RFID help your business?

We carefully analyse in depth the particular case of each client and we detect which is the RFID solution that best suits its needs and implement it, integrating it with the existing management systems. In addition, we offer the necessary training services and maintenance. The result: we add value to your company or business by optimizing your processes and resources. More than a supplier, we are your technology partner.

Benefits for Retail

Improves store inventory, improves the customer’s buying experience, improves visibility of Supply Chain traceability, improves Omnichannel capability.

Benefits for Healthcare

Tracking the entry and exit of raw materials and finished goods, smart shelves monitorization and smart tracking, more efficient hospital inventory management.

Benefits for Industry

Optimization of the supply chain, better factory tracking, more efficient lot management, ability to correct any issues on the fly.

Special Cases

Customized solutions for special items like liquids, metal and glass, that make it easier to track these items.

Anti-Counterfeit and Anti-Theft.

The use of RFID tags helps solving the problem of counterfeits. The global counterfeiting of fashion products costs the industry up to €26 billions each year. Tamper proof RFID tags prevents luxury goods counterfeiting. If fashion brands around the world share a secure database, the verification and identification of counterfeit items is immediate and more accurate.

Theft is one of the major issues faced by the retail  companies. If RFID tags are attached to the items at the store, their position can be tracked and traced in real-time. The permanent monitoring of these costly items prevents theft by triggering alarms or video-capture once a RFID tagged article passes through an access equiped with RFID antennas.

Committed to Sustainability.

Ever since we printed our first label, we understood the importance of seeking a totally sustainable future and to be committed to an eco-friendly policy. At Uniter, we take proper respect of the environment while maintaining our high standards of quality and commitment to our clients demands for sustainable materials and work ethic. We are transparent in our way of doing business and our certifications attest our dedication to the environmental cause as we firmly believe we can improve our world.

We are Uniter.

Uniter Group is established in Coruña, Barcelona, Guimarães, Tangier, Delhi, Shanghai and Istanbul, providing service to more than 45 countries and 4 continents in a global and competitive way, with its products arriving to any part of the world in a very short period of time. We combine talent and qualification paired with forefront technologies, to bring ideas to life, in the shape of labels where details and quality are carefully looked after.

El Grupo Uniter está presente en Coruña, Barcelona, Guimarães, Tánger, Delhi, Shanghái y Estambul, prestando servicio a más de 45 países y 4 continentes en un entorno global y competitivo, haciendo llegar sus productos a cualquier parte del mundo en un período de tiempo muy corto. En Uniter, el talento y cualificación van de la mano con tecnologías de vanguardia, para darle vida a ideas en forma de etiquetas donde cuidadosamente se persiguen los detalles y la calidad. 

We look forward to our next project!