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uniter is founded as a company on the 1st September 1996. Situated on the ground floor of a premises in the town of Arteixo, La Coruña.

Based on youth, a good human team and huge efforts, which are the accurate steps to strengthen as one of the most important companies in the world of labels. It has also taken us to work with one of the best global brands in the textile industry.

In 2007, uniter started its international expansion with a new 3000 m2 factory in Shanghai, from where it serves the demand of the Asian market. Nowadays, a new project that will physically place us in India (New Delhi) and Bangladesh (Dhaka) is being completed.

This expansion is a step forward in our career and we expect the same success that we have enjoyed so far. In the future, we hope to apply the same philosophy we had from the beginning and continue to meet the highest expectations of all our customers.
Tel. +34 981 215 890